Job Offer (2)

[2 september 2008]

Deze mail wordt massaal verspreid, en uit de tekst blijkt dat men “medewerkers” zoekt in de U.S.A.
Die medewerkers kunnen veel geld verdienen. Men hoeft daarvoor alleen maar betalingen van Amerikaanse klanten te ontvangen. De betalingen komen binnen als cheques en postwissels. De bedragen daarvan moet men op de eigen bankrekening laten bijschrijven, ze vervolgens direct contant weer opnemen en ze via Western Union/Money Gram naar een opgegeven adres laten sturen. De 10% verdiensten kunnen van de bedragen worden ingehouden.
Het bedrog is dat de cheques en geldwissels niet gedekt blijken te zijn, en dat de bank weken later de bijgeschreven bedragen weer terugboekt. Een andere mogelijkheid is dat men de medewerker telefonisch of per e-mail onder druk zet om al geld te sturen alleen al bij de aankondiging van een betaling.
Iedereen die zich hiermee inlaat, raakt verzeild in een gevaarlijk crimineel netwerk.

Mercury Arts and Designs
50 Broadway
St James's Park
London UK SW1H 0RG

My name is Kenneth Johnson and I'm the Human Resources Manager of Mercury Arts and Designs in the United Kingdom. We'd like to offer you additional earnings $2000 - $3000 per month. It's easy and will not take a lot of time. No costs, No Investments, Work Part Time and make about $2000- $3000 monthly. Work from Home with a Business Opportunity that no job could ever offer. Use your own computer to make money and make a CAREER as your own boss. I would like to know if you are interested. Work will consist of receiving of the payments from our clients in USA.
All you would be doing is receiving these payments that would come to you via the mail system in your country, have them cashed at your bank and remit the rest to any name and address that will be given to you via western union/money gram.You also have to check your e-mail about 2/3 times every day and respond to phone calls to know if any payment is sent to you and the instructions to follow. I would be willing to pay you 10% of whatever payment you cash at your bank. For instance if you cash a check of about $2000, your commission is 10% which is $200. These payments would come in different forms like money orders and checks.

We are always facing serious difficulties when it comes to selling our products to Americans;(we sell various art works like painting and crafts) they are always offering to pay with Different Modes, which are difficult for me to cash here in the UK. Because of a hold of almost three weeks that would be placed on them before they clears here in the UK bank because they are not issued here. Unfortunately we can't open bank accounts in all the countries we work with and because of that we seek for a representative/bookkeeper in USA
Respond only if you will like to work from home part-time and get paid weekly without it affecting your present job. (PAY IS GOOD)

NOTE VERY IMPORTANT: If interested please reply with the information below to Email:(


ADDRESS (P.O Box Not Accepted)
PHONE ____________________ CELL PHONE ____________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS ___________________________________________________
AGE _________________________________________

NB: Mercury Arts and Designs will never ask you for any Bank Account Number, Routing Number, Credit Card, Passwords, S.S.N # etc.

Best Regards
Mr.Kenneth Johnson
Human Resources Manager

Mr. Mark Patterson